Retail Product Images
Professional product images for planograms, websites and your catalogue
Simple, without hidden costs
We prefer to keep things simple and transparent. So, no “base-level image” that effectively is unusable, with a long list of more or less mandatory options that will cost a lot extra. Or other complex conditions. No, simply an image that can be used immediately, for a clear and competitive price!

For package consumer goods, there are only two questions:

Question 1. Only the image, or also product data?

Question 2. How do you want the final image?
  • Image trimmed to the edges of the product, or the product centered in a rectangle with fixed dimensions*
  • 100% white background (jpg-format), or a transparent background (png-format)
  • Filename based on EAN/UPC or your internal product-code
  • Flat frontal view, 3D view, or views of other sides of the product
Verschillende manieren van aanleveren

* Based on your requirements

Price List
The variations on the left are the ones that we most commonly come across. The price per image then depends on the number of images that need to be taken:

of images
+ Database
1 - 250 €8,- €10,-  
251 - 500 €7,- €8,75 12,5%
501+ €6,- €7,50 25%

Note: these prices are cumulative. E.g. the price for 300 images without database work is 250 * €8 plus 50 * €7.

Special Situations
The approach and pricing above is applicable to the majority of the projects that we do for packaged consumer goods. But maybe you have some special requirements that fall outside the options mentioned above.

E.g. non-packaged consumer goods such as clothing, jewelry, plants, etc. Very small, or very big products. Or products that require a special treatment because they are reflecting, transparent, quickly perishable, etc.

In those cases we will discuss with you all options, and if applicable the additional costs, before we accept the project. Because for us it’s very important that we deliver on our promises.

We know very well what we can do, but also what we can’t. And in those cases we will not hesitate to tell you that, so that you can take an informed decision about who you give the assignment.