Retail Product Images
Professional product images for planograms, websites and your catalogue
A picture says more than a 1000 words!
Whether you call them packshots, product photos or Live Images, digital product images are being used in many places. When creating professional planograms, but also in PowerPoint presentations, in emails, on e-commerce websites and in marketing communications such as factsheets, brochures and catalogues.

For all these applications specific requirements are applicable regarding
  • Quality (dpi)
  • File / image size
  • Image format
  • Naming
If one or more of these elements is not correct, the end-result of your work will suffer from lower quality. Or you’ll be facing inefficiencies while working with the images.

Samples of Live Images

Why not doing it yourselves?
Virtually everybody has a digital camera these days. On your mobile phone, a compact camera, or even a luxury DLSR. And “lightrooms”, special lamps, and other accessories are not that hard to get anymore. So why shouldn’t you make the photos yourselves?

If you ask us, there are two important reasons to outsource making professional product images to experts:
  1. A constant and proper quality
  2. Time
Keeping a constant and high quality is not easy, if you have to shoot dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of products. And a planogram, webshop or catalogue with inconsistent images simply looks a lot less professional.

Apart from that, there is the aspect of time. Taking a picture is one thing, assuming you have proper lighting and a decent camera, but that’s just the start! Because all that space around the product should go, as you don’t want any background noise to distract from the product. And whatever background is left, should be white, transparent, or another consistent color. Plus, that product should be centered, displayed straight, etc. etc.

“Photoshopping” the images is a daunting task that takes a serious amount of time. And when you then finally have that proper image, it should get a logic name, so that it can easily (and automatically) be found, and linked to the correct product information.

Can you handle all of that by yourselves? No doubt! But we believe it is smarter and more efficient that you focus on the business activities where you add value, and leave this type of time-consuming specialist production work to our experts.

Why with us?
You can choose from hundreds of photographers who shoot product images. Why pick us?

GRBS, experts in the area of planograms, Category Management and Trade Marketing, has over 25 years of experience with using digital product images. We were using digital photos, so called Live Images, to create “real-life” planograms long before digital camera’s became common gadgets. And since we’re also users of digital images, we concentrate on the things that are important for users:
  • Focus on the business side
  • The right quality for the right application
  • The best image for the situation
  • Simplicity in pricing
  • Low costs
So, no complex stories about technology, DLSR camera’s, lights, Photoshop plug-ins, etc. These discussions for the photographers can have among themselves. We focus on the way you want to use the images. So, no massive, slow to download images for a webshop, of “flashy 3D marketing” images for planograms.

Simply the right picture for the right job!

Pricing: low & simple
We also don’t have a long menu with dozens of options like setup-fees, web-optimization, barcode-renaming, straightening, transparent of colored background, etc.

All interesting (or more likely complex) sounding things that in the end serve only one purpose: driving up the average price per image…

Nope, we prefer to keep things simple: one fixed, low price per photo without all sorts of (mandatory) hidden costs. And that obviously is a photo that is immediately usable! As users we know that is what you want.

“Brick” versus “Click”
Are we e-commerce / webshop experts? No. But we have more than 25 year of experience in how we can guide, influence and entice consumers during their purchasing process. Years and years we’ve spent on the question which products should be included in categories, and how retailers present these products in the best possible way. With the ultimate goal to make shopping as easy and fun as possible.

Normally in “real” stores, but the process for webshops isn’t significantly different: you’re looking for the balance between making it easy to find the product the consumer can looking for, while at the same time trying to influence the purchase decision of that same consumer as much as possible.

Digital product images play an ever increasing role. Both in “real” stores through folders, brochure, POS-materials, shelf-labels, etc., as in webshops where they are the replacement of the physical product.