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Professional product images for planograms, websites and your catalogue
Luxury or Necessity?
Using professional and high quality product images is increasingly important for the success of ecommerce. This is primarily driven by the requirements from consumers to see and learn as much as possible about the products before they’re bought in the webshop.

The level of detail as well the number of views of the product, front/side/top/3D/… obviously depends on the type of product. For a pack of diapers the front will most likely be sufficient, but for a handbag or photo camera multiple views will be required.

And in addition to an “overview picture” in a small size to load quickly, there may be the need for larger, high quality images that allow the user to zoom in on details.

Marketing afbeeldingen

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So, it’s important to choose the right format. For websites small images that allow the page to load quickly are often preferred, but there may be situations where a high quality image is required, so that the consumer can zoom in on all details. And for print products such as a brochure of catalogue other rules apply again.

Depending on your requirements we will make the right photos. And we will also be available to liaise with the “technical” people behind your website or catalogue to make sure the images are delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Verschillende manieren van aanleveren

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Depending on the application, web or print, and the approach that you selected, you may want images with varying sizes to reflect the differences in product size. Or maybe it’s crucial that all images have exactly the same dimensions for a consistent display.

Either way, whatever fits best for your needs, we will be able to deliver.

Before we start the project, we discuss too if the image needs to be clipped to the edges of the product, or that there should be a border around it. And how do you want the background? 100% white, transparent, or maybe another color? Again, we will tailor our work fully towards your requirements.